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Brand Siblarch is a company of professionals whose goal is to deliver to the European market high quality building materials of Siberian larch and realization of projects using products from the Siberian larch.
Our successful cooperation with the leading woodworking companies provides customers Siblarch the wide range of products made of Siberian larch at an affordable price.
We have fifteen years of experience in the field of wooden constructions in Lithuania, Norway, USA and Russia, so we declare with confidence that our product not only meets European standards, but also queries the consumers themselves Siblarch.
Larch in the exterior
Building material made of larch, resistant to various climate changes, is ideal for facades, terraces and other structures outdoor.
- самый популярный вид профнастила для сооружения напольного покрытия на открытом пространстве. Изделия из него можно легко очистить от песка, листьев, снега и т. д., благодаря гладкой поверхности этого вида доски.
- Is intended for the construction of terraces, walkways, recreation areas, pools and other architectural structures. Larch decking has the highest rate of resistance to humidity and sudden temperature changes in comparison to other wood species.
Grooved decking
- Thanks to the scalloped surface this type of board is ideal for making a floor in the baths and saunas, especially in areas around swimming pools and other bodies of water.
Straight Cladding
- This is a board with rounded edges. This kind of planken is similar to batten, but thicker and laying is not tight, so the air circulation is not disturbed and the wood handles any atmospheric phenomena easier. If necessary, any of the boards can be replaced easily without damaging the integrity of the whole construction.
- Is used for the facades of private houses, hotels, office buildings, fences. Due to the high content of resin in the wood it does not rot and not subject to damage by insects or rodents, has a homogeneous structure and therefore has a uniform natural coloration.
Skewed Cladding
This is a board with all sides planed. The word "skewed" says that the product profile has the shape of a diamond. Because of this shape, a surface sheathed with this type of material looks like solid wood. Special laying prevents moisture from entering the wall and protects from the wind.
Cladding (Timber)
- This is treated board with tongue-groove connection. The walls finished with this Beam Imitation material look very similar to the construction made of sawn timber. Versatility of this material allows its use for indoor or outdoor finishing. The walls of a building can be made of brick or concrete but when they are finished with Cladding (External) it looks that the building is made of natural wood.
Cladding (Log)
It looks like the cladding with the external side made in the form of a round log. This material is designed for decorative interior and exterior finishing.
Larch in the interior
Larch construction materials are ecologically friendly. It is natural product. It allows creating a comfortable and healthy indoor climate. Larch has attractive looking structure and a diverse palette of colors and is perfect for interior design.
Cladding (Internal)
- Is used for finishing ceilings and walls. The surface finished with this material is smooth. Using this type of finishing the walls can be easily perfected and various kinds of decorative works performed.
Cladding (Internal)
Is used for interior decoration: finishing of ceiling, walls and dividing walls. The surface finished with this material has a distinct texture that gives space to wide range of design techniques in working with this type of construction material.
One important advantage of larch is the absence of deformations and crookedness. Because of this flooring made of larch can withstand heavy loads and not subject to deformation when exposed to physical action and not vulnerable to mold and fungus.
Bright, attractive texture and a pleasant honey color are the features of larch floors. Such floorboard looks great in any room, making it more cozy and warm.
Furniture shield
- Is used in the manufacturing of countertops, decor, large pieces of furniture, panels, stairs, and windowsills.
This material gives the furnishings a particular style and brings to the house a touch of wildlife. By durability this product is not inferior to other materials, at the same time considerably excels in aesthetic and ecological characteristics.
Siberian larch as a building material has many positive characteristics. Siberian larch does not rot due to the presence of large amount of resin. This kind of wood has antibacterial properties, preventing the formation of mold and spread of harmful microorganisms. Siberian larch has an attractive texture and is perfect as a finishing material. Siberian larch is characterized by high density and in conditions of high humidity it becomes even stronger. If you are looking for truly reliable sustainable and beautiful building material for your project, we can help you!
Three reasons for choosing our product
We supply really high quality building material made of Siberian larch that You were happy.
Diversity&good price
Thanks to our successful cooperation with leading companies of the Siberian woodworking, You will receive a choice of a wide range of products from the Siberian larch for a reasonable price.
Our product is capable to create a healthy climate in the place where you use it. It can withstand any climatic events and is resistant to rot and bark beetles, is a natural antiseptic and can give your home natural positive energy.
Natural beauty
Sunny color with wide variety of shades and even texture of Siberian larch can be a real inspiration for any project developed by you or our specialists having rich experience in wooden house construction.
Terraces and other wood products
We build terraces, offer services for the manufacture of furniture, various detali interior and exterior, and landscape small architectural forms of wood and we can develop and implement your individual order.
We offer services of design and construction of houses and outbuildings, terraces, small architectural forms and other building structures.
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